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Song for Scotty (a.k.a. Walk on Little Boy)

  • Year: c.1965
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About this song:

Jan's note in a cassette from July 1979.

This song I wrote for you when you were little. It has lots of special meaning to me. Also, it's a little notorious. When I was dating Michael, the drummer, he was working for a singer named Glen Yarborough. One evening we were at a party at Glen's and I sang this song. Some months later it appeared on one of his records under someone else's name. Now I don't like crooks under most circumstances, but because this was a song I had written especially for you -- the swiping of it made me particularly mad & hurt. I was really pissed! I'm not any more. The song is still for you and it's still from me. And I hope you feel the love with which it is given now.

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