Jan was a prolific writer throughout her life. The earliest example of her writing is from a poem titled Easter Lily written (and published) in 1945 (when she was 5 years old).

Most of her written works are unpublished or were self-published, we hope to make them available over time on this website.

Jan's autobiography, Private Parts, has been recently published. Here's a description of that book in Jan's words:

It’s difficult for me to classify this as simply a book for WOMEN about BULIMIA. Given the mosaic of style, and the intrigue of story-line, I can see this being of interest to a broad reading audience. Certainly, it’s for people (women in particular) who are mired in SECRECY, because this is more a book about shedding SECRETS than about anything else.
This book may be of use to professionals in their work with clients suffering addictions of any kind. It’s a book for incest survivors (wounded children), for science fiction fans, for people living with cancer and other dis-ease of body and spirit, for lovers of poetry, music, and word play (PUNS ABOUND!). It’s a horror story . . an adventure tale . . a travel log . . a primer for rock climbers . . an autobiography. It’s written with a pervasive sense of irony and humor and hope. It does NOT attempt to instruct! But only and simply speaks my own discovery for myself. It does not mince words. One of the chapters is called TERMINAL POLITENESS. That’s ONE thing this book will never be accused of having.

Private Parts is now available in paperback from lulu.com.