This website is dedicated to the life and works of Jan Harmon. It is intended to be a repository for her creations, so they can be available for all to enjoy.

Jan created a wealth of works in her relatively short life, and those items will be added to this website as time allows. These items are grouped into three main categories, Music, Writings, and Art. Some things actually span multiple categories, such as her rounds books, which incorporate music, writing, and artwork!

This website has been, and will continue to be, a work in progress for the forseeable future. I hope to be able to allocate more time for adding new items in the coming year, so do check back and watch the progress. I've added a Website Updates that will help you to see newly added content.

If you have anything of Jan's to share, please feel free to send a photo of it and I'll add it to the website. Also, any stories or info you'd like to share are greatly appreciated!

If you're looking for something, but don't see it here, contact me and I'll do my best to make it available.