Jan created custom dolls for clients around the world. Each one was unique and developed for the client's needs. This note was in Jan's portfolio on display at her store in Camden, Maine.

A word about the dolls ...

Each is unique.

Even those that I make more than one of—it is its own character—as I embroider everything by hand and crochet, knit, weave or paint the details without exact patterns. Each is stuffed with polyester fill—and most are very washable in cold water. Many are one-of-a-kind—never to be done again—and each is done with care and love.

If you have any questions—please ask!


An article from the "Home" section of the L.A. Times, Dec 1971

A sampling of clients and projects:

Jessica S. - 1980

Douglas B. Inc. - 1979

Amy A. - 1979

Leanne C. - 1979

Pat C. - 1978

Vilma Ebsen (Artesenia) - 1977

Hugh H. - 1977

Dr. Roger L. - 1976

Bob S. - 1971

Potato Museum - Brussels, Belgium (website)

Misc Dollies