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Rounds books

Jan's four rounds books are now available in a compilation titled Rounds Around!

Hail to the Ox: Hail to the Ox!, Sam the Clam, The Octopussy, The Eagle, Ze Tze-tze Fly, Mr. Bigmouth, ...Said MacPhee, The Scowling Scarecrow, Peace A-Round, Never Crock a Crocodile, Superlatives, Toulouse, Oh, Dad!, Boatman, chantemawste

Rings and Circles: Lions, Sidney, John Doth Loveth Mary, The Chicago KaZoo, Summer, Rings and Circles, The Whistling Wickiyuppi, The Faithful Furkum, Carmel Knowledge, Lunch for the Leopard, Blue Balloon, Particles .. Quant 'em, Good Friend, I Will Not Say 'Goodbye'

Clear Horizon: Snowflake, December Morning, Changing Professions, Sweet Christmas Bells, Sing Tiggeldy Tog!, Clear Horizon, Gypsy, Clouds, Homo Sapien, Bare Bones, A Chopping Chantey, Midnight, Christmas Presence, River, Benediction

Moon Tree: Recipies, Shh-h-h-h-h!, River Rafting, Cat, I Like, .Horrors!, Swingers, Moon Tree, Wind, Squashed, Yugoslavia, No Thanks, Grass, Celebration

Story/Song books

These books are currently unavailable.

Two Seeds (24p)

Pitty Poor Peccary (8p)

Winter the Rhinoceros (32p)

Jimmy Crack Corn (42p)

Journal Poems (52p)

Books of Jan's music published by others

Rings and Circles - Banana Splits, ways into part-singing, 1996 - A & C Black
Contact: A & C Black (Publishers) Ltd., 35 Bedford Row, London WC1R 4JH

Ze Tze-Tze Fly; Oh, Dad; The Eagle; John Doth Loveth Mary; Lions; Benediction; Bless Us; For Christina; My Friend Sharon...; Echo; Trees; Good Friend - Rounds Galore! Captivating Rounds, Old and New, 1994 - Astoria Music. Collected, edited and written by Sol Weber
Contact: Sol Weber, 25-14 37th Street, Astoria, N.Y. 11103-4228
See also: Companion CD, Rounds Galore... and More