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Arctic Tern

  • Year: 1989
  • Sheet Music: To be transcribed

About this song:

Jan's note in a cassette from December 1992.

I wrote this on a whale watch on your birthday, 1989!

The Arctic Tern can live for 40 years and spends only 4 of those on land! What a flyer!


Arctic Tern

By Jan Harmon
words and music © 1989
1. Little white tern, you are so lovely .. graceful in flight at dawning of day - friend of the North Wind and the great oceans .. ever you fly and never stay. CHORUS: Little white tern, flying forever .. ends of the earth must seem so very near. Then .. will you fly to far Arcturus to bring some kindly starlight here? 2. Waking at night, I hear the rain fall .. warm in my bed, I go to sleep once more - while you are flying over the sea's hill .. your bed, the South Wind's dreaming shore. CHO 3. Then, when I go to sleep forever .. safe from harm .. and sing no more .. wing's all beating, I'll rise .. the white tern - fly with the storm - and disappear. CHO - then verse 1 using chorus tune