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Cobalt Glass

  • Year: 1988
  • Sheet Music: To be transcribed

About this song:

Jan wrote this song for Stell and Shevis on their 50th wedding anniversary. They were were Jan's neighbors at 82 Elm Street, when she moved to Camden in 1981. They became good friends. William Shevis died in 2010 and Stell Shevis died at the age of 101 in July 2016.


Cobalt Glass

By Jan Harmon
words and music © 1988
for Stell & Shevis
on their 50th wedding anniversary

freely sung!
1. "How long have you been married?" "It's been 50 years!" they say. Shevis grins, and says, "Seems longer!" Stell smiles .. "seems like a day!" CHO 1: Oh the river's soft and winding, The stone is sharp and still. They touch each other without binding, And, together turn the mill. 2. Stell paints the red, red, poppy, Crimson wings to set it free. Shevis paints the poppy, Rooted in its bright geometry. (CHO 1) 3. And when they come up to a wall, That's small and overgrown, Shevis sees the tumbled stumbling blocks, Stell sees the stepping stones. CHO 2: And when they see the cormorant, While walking out together, It's Shevis sees the beak and bone, Stell sees the wing and feather. 4. They come back home from Mexico, With memories to trace, But you couldn't tell from listening, That they'd been to the same place! CHO 3: Well opposites attract they say, Variety makes it last, And it's fire transforms the simple sand, Into the cobalt glass. Repeat verse 1 and chorus 1.