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Gathering Constellations

  • Year: 1990
  •   poem  
  • Sheet Music: To be transcribed

About this song:

Based on the poem by Judy Goodenough.


Gathering Constellations

Poem by Judy Goodenough © 1990
Music by Jan Harmon © 1990
Miner at night Minding the sluice-gate Looks up: Lord, there's a mother-lode, If I had a pan big enough To sift the sky for stars. Farmer, past dusk, Unloading bales, Dreams: Lord, there's a field If ever I saw a field, If ever I had a way to mow it. Dory-man, riding The black wave home at dark, Considers: Lord, it's a shoal from here Clear to heaven, and no man Has a net to bring it home.