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Listen: Huehuetenango (full song, live)

About this song:

Jan traveled throughout Mexico and Guatemala in the 1970s. Huehuetenango was one of her favorite places.



By Jan Harmon
words and music © 1989
1. When de fracas in Caracas gets monotonous. When de plaza in La Paz gets blasé. When Ecuador is too urbane. You're sick to death of malagueña .. and Dos Equis in Tuxtla is .. just O.K. You fly away .. CHORUS: .. to Huehuetenango. Eet's so gay in Huehuetenango. Señoritas y señores make amor among de flores. Find your José or Dolores .. in HueHue! ¡Olé! 2. Now .. Titicaca deedn't knock your socks off. Lima on a llama deedn't make your day. Colombia's rampant with marimbas .. gringos samba to La Bomba. ¡Aye Caramba! Eet's enough to make you say .. Take me away .. CHO 3. Polyester sarapes en Río. Arches de Oro en Monterrey. Valparaíso's got huaraches, heavy metal, and mariachis .. and the Howard Johnson Casa's where you stay. Eet's not that way .. CHO So remember amigos .. REPEAT #1