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Hunger Song

Listen: Hunger Song. (full song)

About this song:

(Originally titled A Puzzlement.)


Hunger Song

By Jan Harmon
words and music © 1985
CHORUS: Now, don't you wonder why .. All this world around .. People starve, while corn and wheat .. Lie rotting on the ground? 1. Now a volunteer came by .. just the other day. She said, "Folks in Ethiopia are in a desparate way." Then she handed me a paper sack and said, "Won't you fill this, please? Any extra food you have will be welcome overseas." CHO. 2. So I went into my kitchen .. to see what I cold spare. I found some Whoppie Pies, some Ding Dongs, and a bag of Gummy Bears. There was Bacon Bits, some Ritz, a Schlitz .. Little Debbie Snackin' Cakes .. Sugar Smacks, some Hungry Jack, and a box of Shake 'N Bake. 3. I threw in some vitamin fortified imitation real cranberry-flavored concentrate. A few HoHos, Raviolios, Mocha Decaf with CoffeeMate. And out in the car, I found a jar of Salsa from Ensenada .. Tortilla chips, enchilada dip, and a mix for Piña Colada .. CHO. 4. Well, I got awful hungry from all my generosity. So I went and popped a Lean Cuisine in the Microwave for me. And then, I sat and wondered, as I munched an Oreo .. "What's it like to be hungry .. without a Stop 'N Go?" CHO. 5. Of course, "hunger's not a problem here," our government repeats .. (Long as we've got) Hamburger Helper and Coke with NutraSweet .. Long as there's Chef Boyardee with M.S.G. .. Stove-Top Instant Stuffin' .. Chris and Pitts, and a gift certificate for Egg McMuffin. CHO. CHO.