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Jungle Song (a.k.a. Deepest Africa)

  • Year: c.1984
  •   kids  
  • Found on Somewhere in a Corner by Debbi Friedlander, 1989, from Sound Creations, Amherst, MA.
  • Also found on Wobbi-do-Wop! by Tom Pease, 1993, from Tomorrow River Music, Madison, WI.
  • Also found on Teaching Hippopotami to Fly! by The Chenille Sisters, 1996, from CanToo Records, Ann Arbor, MI.
  • Also found on Wild for Wildlife by Wildlife Waystation, 1997, from BearClaw Productions.
  • Also found on Soup Happens by Hot Soup, 2000, from Souper Music, Inc., Columbia, MD.
  • Also found on Can't Get There From Here by Cindy Harris and Rebecca Heath, 2006, from Cindy Harris and Rebecca Heath.
  • No sheet music available.

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