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Mullein in Her Shoe

  • Year: 1987
  • No sheet music available.

About this song:

A song for Sadie and Noel (who was a Merchant Seaman when he was young). Lots of folk wisdom in this song. For instance, ladies . . if you put the herb, mullein, in your shoe, you'll surely snag yourself a good man. And have lots of children. Worked for Sadie. She snagged Noel. They had nine kids.


Mullein in Her Shoe

By Jan Harmon
words and music © 1987
1. Irises in a vase . . Blue paper on the walls . . The new bride's come home today. And there's rhubarb by the cellar. 2. June roses by the door . . Suitcases in the hall. And she put mullein in her shoe . . and catched herself a sailor! CHORUS . . And OH, the years . . they slip away. And OH, the time goes swiftly by. And the farther the branch grows from the root . . the closer to the sky. 3. And OH, her first born is a son. She chews on dill to bring the milk. Her sailor brings her jasmine soap and a little bunch of heather. 4. NOW . . there's children spilling out the door! Wedgewood broken . . cup by cup! Dreams dissolve like old ships' rope . . but there'll be time for others. CHO. 5. Old photos tucked away . . like a drawerful of old bones. The ravelly threads from her wedding dress have rooted by the cellar. 6. That old sailorman, at night picks his teeth with a herringbone. And she put mullein in her shoe . . and catched herself a sailor! CHO.