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Sonoma Lullaby

  • Year: 1992
  •   choral  
  • Sheet Music: To be transcribed


Sonoma Lullaby

By Jan Harmon
words and music © 1992
A. Wish 1. Star light, star bright . . the first star I've seen tonight. Wish I may, wish I might, have the wish I'm wishing tonight . . 2. Star light, star bright. My dearie . . go dreaming! A trail of golden poppies . . shining stars to light your way back (home.) (end . . welcome you home!) B. Lullaby 1. Sleep little dearie . . Sleep little one! Rolling hills, all grass and poppies shining golden like the sunrise. 2. Dream little dearie . . Dream little one! Golden hills of grass and poppies . . like a sunrise, they will lead you (home.) (end . . Welcome home!) C. Summer Night Sky 1. Starry, starry! Dark is calling **Sirius, Aldebaron, Shaula, Kochab, Po, Mimosa, Merak, Rigel, Mirazem. So 2. starry, starry! Far Antares, Eridanus, Larralee, Castor, Atria, Polaris . . call my dearie home to me! (end . . Welcome home!) D. Welcome! 1. Home . . to poppies and rolling hills, all golden shining! (end . . Welcome home!)
Dearest singers . . this is a MIX n MATCH song. Which basically means . . ANY section can get sung with any other . . Or alone . . Or all together . . AND, the sections can get sung in any octave! It (the song) can be repeated in any shape and begun on any part. In other words . . build this one to your very own heart's desire! (ex. B, BA, AC, ABC, ABCD ... or, C, AC, CB, ('ABCD, etc) (. . Speaking of HEARTS . . WARNING! Tonalities demand SCRUPULOUS RIGHT ONness! Do not practice this piece in the presence of anyone with a pacemaker! Once perfected . . AHHH!)

** These are some of the stars visible on a given summer's night over Sonoma . . This is just a speaking of their names.