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Wild Birds

  • Year: 1984
  • Found on And So Will We Yet by Gordon Bok, Ann Mayo Muir, and Ed Trickett, 1990, from Timberhead Music, Camden, ME.
  • Also found on Wild Birds by Laura Lind and Adam Miller, 2001, from Laura Lind Music.
  • Sheet Music (PDF)

About this song:

Note included with a Christmas cassette from 1986.

WILD BIRDS .. A song for folks who travel alone .. or who feel alone when they travel. It's especially for wandering musicians .. wild birds, all!


Wild Birds

By Jan Harmon
words and music © 1984
for all traveling musicians
(who are all wild birds!)
.. and for Anne Dodson in particular.
1. Lights flicker on in a town 'neath the mountain where night first comes down, like a patch of black satin. And the road seems too long between Casper and Jackson when you're tired of traveling alone CHORUS: Blackthorne and Cottonwood drink up the Muddy. Just buckwheat and sky between Cheyenne and Cody. Like a maple wing sown under red leaves blown down it's time to be going back home. 2. I crossed the Wind River on my way to Big Timber. People were friendly. The aspen was amber. Folks sang all the choruses they could remember. And I slept in a room of my own. CHO. 3. And all by the road-side the wild birds fly up out of the thistle and into the sky. Red birds .. Black birds .. They sing as they fly. Thank heaven for wild birds! They're all dressed up in feathers with colors outrageous! They soar from this earthly bound kingdon of cages on delicate wings. So small and courageous. And it's time to be going back home. 4. You can see the rain coming for miles down the prarie. Like a great herd of antelope running like fury! You can stop at a diner outside Canyon Ferry for coffee and a sense for the town. CHO.