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Workin' in the Straw (or Allergy, Dear Allergy)

  • Year: c.1982
  •   kids  
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About this song:

By Jan Skorodinsky

The dictionary defines an ALLERGY as "(a) hypersensitive or pathological reaction to environmental factors or substances, such as pollen, foods, dust, or microorganisms, in amounts that do not affect most people."

What that means is, an ALLERGY causes sneezing, wheezing, itching, twitching, coughing, or frothing, and generally, it's not something you'd ask for for Christmas. However, there are times when having one excuses us from doing things we didn't want to do anyway. The following song is about that sort of opportune allergy. Sing the chorus after each verse, have fun, and try not to sneeze before you're finished!


Allergy Dear Allergy

By Jan Harmon
words and music © 1982
To the tune of:
1. Now, whenever Dick wold dump the trash he'd break right out in a pimply rash. It's itch so bad that he'd wish to die. And the only thing that cured him was a chocolate pie! CHO: Workin' in the straw, workin' in the hay, makes us sniffle and sneeze all day. So instead of workin' we can sit and jaw.* Cause we're all so allergic to workin' in the straw. 2. Now to Agatha Ann there was no question! Carrots always gave her indigestion. They made her stomach squirm and shake. (Except for the carrots in a carrot cake!) CHO 3. Toby's affliction was suspicious. For, every time he'd do the dischious, he'd turn blue soon as he'd beginish 'em. And so his sister would have to finish 'em! CHO 4. Sara was strangely allergic to closets, hangers, hooks, and laundry deposits, and so, to avoid a fit of itchin', she'd drop all her clothes on the floor in the kitchen! CHO 5. Now, pens and pencils made John blistery. So, he could not do his History. And, to make life even brighter, he got hives from his typewriter! CHO 6. Sylvia suffered from coughs and sighs, sinus headaches and watery eyes. But Sylvia never could convince her mother, that she was allergic to her little brother! CHO 7. Now enjoy that sneeze, that wheeze, that quiver, that saves you from dusting, and eating liver, 'cause I warn you now .. and there's no doubt of it .. if you're not very careful .. YOU COULD GROW OUT OF IT! CHO

* To JAW means to talk and talk, which is often more fun than taking out the garbage.