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August 6, 1945

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Message from Jan included with the lyrics of this song.

Aug. 6, 1985


I've been much concerned lately with the healing of things ... this ol' body in particular! And, I've discovered this ... That it's sometimes healing to FORGET ... But to NOT REMEMBER ... is an entirely different thing. And, for me .. to forget this day, and to get on with my own healing, which then extends into everything I do .. is my focus. But to not remember this day .. for me .. would work couter to that healing.

On the news ... they show how the oleander has grown back in Hiroshima ... in places where nothing should grow because of radiation. I celebrate such recuperative life energy! At the very same time ... I remember 40 years ago. I remember my father crying. I remember sitting in his lap and crying too ... because I never saw my father cry.

This little ROUND is the voice from my remembering. The sharing of it with You .. is my lap to cry with me on! The forgetting of it then, is the healing ... And all three things happen at the very same time! WHAT?...She's cracked at last!

I feel shy ... to send these thoughts ... for fear of imposing (and exposing!). But the simpler part of me knows better!

Peace and love ... and all them good things—  


August 6, 1945

By Jan Harmon
words and music © 1985
Sing as a round.
Tender oleander blossoms cannot camouflage the scars of the Hiroshima Maidens ... nor the sending of the arrow.