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Fields in Winter (On a Clear Day)

  • Year: 1990
  •   poem  
  • Sheet Music: To be transcribed


Fields in Winter

Poem by Judy Goodenough © 1990
Music by Jan Harmon © 1990
(Lyrics forthcoming ...) Based on the poem by Judy Goodenough, rearranged slightly by Jan Harmon. The poem: Fields in Winter On a clear day, early, You can see the pattern laid out, But not as a man sees it. You see white muslin, white thread. Field after field, crazy-quilt With all its corners meeting Miraculously: you can see The pattern laid out under snow, But not as a man sees it. He will think bales and bushels, But you will think colors: Corn-green, timothy, green ryegrass, And how many years it took To piece it together, seam it Tight across the hillside With its stitchery of stone.