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The Lady and the Dove

  • Year: 1982
  •   social  
  • Sheet Music: To be transcribed

About this song:

A note from Jan with the 1982 cassette, Singing Christmasgram.

One night while watching the news -- some footage from Ireland came on. Damn! I'm at such a loss to understand what's going on over there! Well -- that got me to thinking about war in general ... . I don't usually write serious anti-war songs, "Mother Got Took by the Draft" is about as deep as I go into it -- but somehow I needed to write this song.


The Lady and the Dove

By Jan Harmon
words and music © 1982
1. ... "And now," he said, "I must away. So give to me your silken glove - and I will give you in return a snowy white dove." And a young man's love sweeps like the wind across the land and across the land - to brush the hair and kiss the hand - of the lady in sorrow. 2. And so he sailed into the storm, and, lo, his hope rose as the sun! And with the dove he flew, until the two become one. And a young man's hope sweeps like the flood across the land and across the land. And mingles with the very blood of the lady in sorrow. 3. And oh - her tears fell as the rain - all for a dove lost in the sea. And oh - the storm raged o'er the earth - and knew no sympathy. And a young man's blood sweeps like the snow across the land and across the land. And falls on all who sleep below - and the lady in sorrow.